Why I Like HDR, Tonemapping, and Post-Processing   1 comment

Some people ask why I bother with HDR techniques, tonemapping, and post-processing. After all, it can take hours to come up with one, good final image. Is it worth it?

Here’s my answer, from an image captured in Maine in 2009:

Before – A RAW file (NEF) straight from the camera, converted to JPEG format for web display.

After – The same shot, where I fooled around with LAB color, shadow-mapping, tonemapping, detail adjustments, straightening, cloning, and sharpening.

Click on either image for a larger display.

While the second image is FAR from perfect (it was a quick pass), the differences are easy to see.

As Forrest Gump would say, “That’s all I have to say about that.”


One response to “Why I Like HDR, Tonemapping, and Post-Processing

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  1. Hey Rob… cool illustration of what can be done with those techniques. It's like a breeze has blown away the haze. The red flowers to the left of the building are hardly visible in the first shot while they pop in the second.Good luck on the blog here,Richard

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