What A Long, Strange Trip…   Leave a comment


Some readers may say, “What? You were gone?”

We just returned from a three-week road trip, traveling from North Carolina to Maine and New Hampshire on our annual fall foliage trek. We live for that time in a tent, camping in a variety of places, hiking quiet trails, and climbing mountains. I consider it my great fortune that my wife enjoys this time almost as much as I do.

On this schlep, we stayed at Acadia National Park for a week, then on to ‘Down East’ Maine (which is oddly named as it is as far north on the coast as you can get), on to Moosehead Lake in northern Maine, and finally to the Presidential Range in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. During that last week, we endured rainfall coming down in biblical amounts, so it’s nice to be home and dry for a change.

That explains the long absence.  My apologies for not advertising the trip ahead of time, but the internet is an open environment, and I like to know that my stereo will be there when I get home.  It was.

Now that I’ve loaded up a few thousand frames, it’s time to start the long processing of culling, selecting, and post-processing. Hopefully, I have enough ‘nuts’ stored up to last me over the winter.  Coming up should be a couple of nice sunrises and sunsets, some moose lovin’ it up, moose babies, wild ponies, engorged waterfalls, phosphorescent mushrooms, and other cool stuff that you wouldn’t ever see in the city (well, maybe the mushrooms.)

Best wishes!



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