Before the Snow Falls   2 comments

Beautiful autumn foliage image at Silver Cascade, Crawford Notch, White Mountains, New Hampshire

Silver Cascade, Crawford Notch, White Mountains, NH.

This beautiful cascade is not difficult to get to, unless you consider the perils of getting hit by a car. Silver Cascade runs underneath Route 302 at the top of Crawford Notch. Being that it’s right at the side of the road, it’s usually mobbed with people lined along the bridge railing, climbing over the rocks, ambling across the road, all while trucks and cars come over the crest of a hill to the left with only enough time to smoosh the brakes. It may not be solitude, but it is gorgeous.

You can see this larger in a new window by clicking the image above.

Processed from three exposures +/-2EV using HDR Express from Unified Color, then taken into Photoshop for treatment with Nik Color Efex Pro. In the end, very little processing needed to be done to make this image what it is. I like that.


Posted December 21, 2010 by Rob Hanson Photography in Uncategorized

2 responses to “Before the Snow Falls

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  1. Stunning shot!

  2. Hi Rob and S
    Both shots are really nice, gotta get up there again!
    You both have a great Holiday Season, look forard to next year! Hope all is well, keep in touch!

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