Primordiality   2 comments

A primordial landscape photo of cypress trees and knees on the Neuse River near New Bern, North Carolina

Not long ago, in early December, we were walking Amy, Kelli, and Macy down by the Neuse River near New Bern, NC. It was one of those gray, overcast winter days that reminds me of a different time, perhaps the beginning of time. Looking at a scene like this, I doubt much has changed over the years.

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You can see a larger view of this scene by clicking on the image.

I was definitely going for a more surrealistic look on this, while still retaining all the great details in the scene. Nine exposures +/-1EV merged in Photomatix Pro4, with lots of love from Nik Software Color Efex Pro and DeFine 2.

2 responses to “Primordiality

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  1. Very Jurrasic looking, waiting for the T-Rex to jump out, nice details

  2. Like this a lot, great tones and colour.
    I’ve just started using Nik and ahve a few favored filters, can you remember which you used on this image?

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