The Warmth of Jungleland   6 comments

A lush, warm, tropical scene from the McKee Botanical Gardens in Vero Beach, Florida

The Warmth of Jungleland


First of all, I’d like to apologize for not posting lately. Between various photo assignments and personal commitments, I’ve found that time is on the short side. I look at this as a positive thing. Not having enough hours in the day to accomplish all your goals may be the sign of a rich life, and for that, I’m grateful.

That said…  I need warmth!

Like many of us in the northern hemisphere, I’m growing weary of all the snow and cold temperatures. Some of my buds have it worse, digging out from almost two feet of snow yesterday. Again, I can’t complain because here in the south, things come to a standstill when just a few snowflakes fly, but we’ve already gotten more snow than I can remember for this time of year. Judging from the rate that the grocery stores sell out of bread, milk, and eggs, I can only conclude that when it snows, people make a lot of French Toast. (Just remember to use real maple syrup. That other… stuff is loaded with high fructose corn syrup.)

At this point, I’d like nothing more than to hop in the car and take a slow road trip to Florida.

Since I can’t right now, I figured I’d keep warm by processing a nice, sunny, tropical image. It didn’t really work; it’s like trying to warm yourself by watching a video of a burning log in a fireplace.

This image is from the McKee Botanical Gardens in Vero Beach, Florida. It’s a beautiful place, with old wooden buildings, lush landscapes, and incredible flowers. If you ever visit bring your tripod, an array of lenses, a snack, and plan to spend several hours strolling around this wonderful property.

Sending lots of warm thoughts your way!

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6 responses to “The Warmth of Jungleland

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  1. Fantastic shot Rob!

  2. Great colors and detail!

  3. This is GREAT! Love the details and colors here! That bridge is awesome. This scene is NOTHING like what we are seeing up here these days… toooooo much white goin’ on, if you know what I mean! Great photo Rob!!

  4. Thanks, guys. I hope this helped get you through the long winter.

  5. Looks better large, I like the area under the bridge, and I can relate to busy!

  6. Wow, great shot! Basically, it’s what I’ve come to expect from you. I love the greens… not overdone/oversaturated at all!

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