Air Brakes!   4 comments

A seagull flies into the sunset, quite close to a sharp Spanish Dagger plant

Air Brakes!


So much to do… so much to do.  So many fun photography projects, so many good people.

I like being this busy. Creating new images and taking a fresh look at past scenes ‘gets the creative juices flowing.’ I think that’s an apt expression, because whenever I engage creative potential, it feels like flowing with a river, steering in one direction and then another, not always knowing how things will turn out. On those occasions where other priorities take precedence or the ideas dry up, it feels like stepping out of the river onto dry land.

I decided to take a short break from rust, grunge, and old farm equipment, even if just for the day. The image above was taken last spring in Atlantic Beach, NC. I was reminded of that encounter with Charles DeGull as he’s likely to be used in an exciting new project in New England. More on that as information becomes available.

It’s a privilege to be able to trade brackets with a number of talented people. These collaboration projects are always fun, as we get to play around with brackets from venues that we might not normally be able to shoot. It’s always interesting to see how six people can have a completely different interpretation of exactly the same scene, applying their personal style in unique ways.  There are several projects currently underway:

The latest round of a six-way collaboration that we call “HDR Swap” has been published on Brian Matiash’s blog site, titled “A Seemingly Safe Exit.” Brian provided a juicy set of brackets, taken in a dingy parking garage. As he says, “you can never go wrong with gross, wet pavement in a dank and empty parking garage.” The contributors for this round were Brian, Bob Lussier, Jim Denham, Jacques Gudé, Mark Garbowski, and myself.

Coming soon will be another round from the same group. Keep an eye on Mark Garbowski’s blog site toward the end of the week.

Also within about a week, we can look forward to another drop from James Brandon, as the “Grunge Collaboration” goes into its third round with James’ brackets from Niles City. Other contributors are James, Jim Denham, Jerry Denham, Chris Nitz, and Jesse Pafundi.

Thanks for stopping by! Please take a moment to visit my friends’ sites. You’ll find some incredible photography and insights there if you do.



Posted January 25, 2011 by Rob Hanson Photography in collaboration

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4 responses to “Air Brakes!

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  1. Great shot Rob, I’m all for taking breaks from the norm, and I’m a sucker for great shots of birds in flight. Incredible detail and sharpness here bro!

  2. This is awesome I love how sharp it is.

  3. Great shot, Rob! Very crisp. What lens did you use for this?

  4. The Birds look great large, as always, if you need a bracket ratchet, let me know, I will play!

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