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Susan hikes out on a rock flake at the Cutler Coast Preserve, Cutler, Maine, on a beautiful autumn day

Another World


In working on some images for the Maine Office of Tourism, I came across this one, which I’ve always liked. In the midst of what seems like a long and eventful winter, I again wanted to remind myself of the more halcyon days of autumn.

On this hike in coastal Maine, you step out of the forest and are greeted by a scene from another world.

Having lived on the east coast all my life, I’ve gotten accustomed to flat beaches, sand dunes, and low, rocky shorelines. So to discover this hidden gem was a treat — there aren’t too many places from Maine to Florida where you can find such a dramatic shoreline. This may be nothing much for those along the Pacific coast, but here, it’s rather unusual to see tall cliffs diving straight into the sea. Perhaps that’s why they call this area “The Bold Coast.”

This spot, well off the beaten path, can only be reached by hiking about 1.5 miles in by trail. From here, you can traverse along the top of the cliffs for several miles, and can camp in a couple of wilderness campsites at the end of the trail, right near the water.

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9 responses to “Another World

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  1. What a great spot! Fantastic shot, Rob.

  2. Nice find Rob!

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  4. What a great picture Rob! Love the way you composed the line of the shore and cliff facings there, it draws the viewer through the image wonderfully. Really great image!

  5. Great image Rob! Love the depth and detail!

  6. Great shot, Rob! I love your landscapes! They’re just great!

  7. Love it! Makes long for better weather. 🙂

  8. very inviting image. I want to go to there (as Tina Fey says)

  9. Beautiful shot Rob!

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