American Ickers   7 comments

A dilapidated shed with rusty old bicycles in Pollocksville, NC, something American Pickers would like

American Ickers


Okay, on the count of three, “Ewwwwwwww……”

This is another vignette from Clyde Jr.’s property in Pollocksville, NC.

Clyde has some pretty serious cleaning up to do. This is a view inside a small out-building that had pancaked almost completely to the ground. Whereas it had once stood proud, the height is now only about four or five feet.

I asked Clyde a question that had always been in my mind, “Do buildings like this slowly decay into the ground, or was it a single, quick event?”  In this case, the building had deteriorated, but a windstorm provided the final blow (as it were), compressing the space to half-height.

As for the title, there’s a popular show on television on History Channel called American Pickers, where Frank and Mike travel the back roads of America looking for ‘collectors’ of mess, haggling over prices so that they can turn the item around and make a few bucks. Mike likes bicycles. Maybe Mike would be interested in these.

You can see other images from Clyde’s property on my Flickr photostream at EntangledReclamation and Clyde’s Rides.

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7 responses to “American Ickers

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  1. Now THAT’s a pile of junk 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of crap… but a great shot though!

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  4. I like how everything is one grungy ugly color of gook, you can tell old Clyde has been putting off cleaning for quite a while

  5. Great grunge!

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