Artisan Series: The Forge   4 comments

Kirk Davis at ArtForms Studio in Morehead City, NC, takes a piece of red-hot metal out of the forge.


Artist Kirk Davis removes a red-hot block of metal out of the forge at his studio in Morehead City, NC, prior to taking it to the anvil for hammering.

Kirk operates as ArtForms Studio in Morehead City, NC.

The “Artisan Series” serves as a testament to those people who still create high quality, one-of-a-kind products in a world of cheap, mass produced garbage. In my experience, these artists can be hard to find, although I think that their numbers might actually be increasing. Whether people are looking for an alternative to the corporate way of life, or just need to create something unique with their hands, leaving the Wal*Mart mentality behind to make something real is a satisfying experience.

If you run your hands under the edge of a table top that has been planed by hand, or put two of Kirk’s Carolina Shucker oyster knives together to notice that they are not perfectly identical, the mark left by the hand of the artisan tells you that the object is truly unique in the world. As mentioned in a 2009 article about Kirk, “Nothing leaves the shop until it receives a seal of approval from Davis’ discerning eye, and each individual piece means something different from another. Davis said that this meant everything that leaves his shop had his heart and soul sculpted in.”

Another picture of Kirk working in his studio can be found at Artisan Series: The Metal Artist.

To see the kind of art that Kirk creates in his studio, please visit the gallery I’ve set up for him, Located Here.

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4 responses to “Artisan Series: The Forge

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  1. Oh very nice Rob!

  2. I am lovin’ this today Rob! What a really great image, and the blog write-up today is awesome as well. These sorts of artists are few and far between, and I love the way you’ve brought a little something special to all of us. Thank you, good sir!

  3. Great photo, I like the stories behind the photos almost as much as the images themselves!

  4. Great shot, Rob!

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