Carolina Cosmetic Surgery   6 comments

A dilapidated Farmall tractor in Pollocksville, North Carolina

Another beautiful Farmall tractor from Clyde Jr’s property.

On the highways around here, from the coast to Raleigh, there are billboards featuring a nubile, curvaceous young woman, advertising cosmetic surgery. I wonder if they take referrals?

You can see other images from Clyde’s property at Entangled, Reclamation, Clyde’s Rides and American Ickers, and Gentlemen: Try to Start Your Engines

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6 responses to “Carolina Cosmetic Surgery

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  1. Man, this is a lot of texture goodness. My eyes just wander around the shot looking at all the fun stuff there is to see. I particularly like how the wiring looks so new on this broken down tractor. Fun shot man!

  2. I agree with Chris lots of wonderful texture and seeing lots of different faces. Junk never looked so good! Great job!

  3. Love this shot Rob! Great details!

  4. I love the details and colors. Excellent job, Rob!

  5. Nice Rob, Clyde served you well, what’s up with you and the collab? hope you both are well, shoot me an email

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