Squatter’s Rights   6 comments

A wren's nest is nestled into the workings of a rusted Farmall tractor in Pollocksville, North Carolina

We’re going back to Clyde Murphy’s tractor farm in Pollocksville, NC for this scene. You can see many more images from this location by scrolling back through recent blog entries.

As I was wandering up and down the line of tractors, I spotted what I think is a wren’s nest tucked into the workings of an old Farmall. I suppose a house is a home, especially when protected from the wind and rain, but I can’t imagine the level of surprise in store when Clyde fires this one up. A mobile home, then?

Nikon D7000, Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 lens at 16mm, f/7, 7 exposures from Promote Control.

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6 responses to “Squatter’s Rights

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  1. LOL! Rob, you totally cracked me up with your blog today dude! Great image, my friend, love the textures and details here!!

  2. HAHAHA, I was fully expecting some rundown house with a matres. This is far better:) Great image!!

  3. Mobile indeed! Great shot!

  4. Great title!

  5. Rob… What happen to the eggs? Did you make an omelet with the eggs? I bet it was pretty good. Great photo too!

  6. Looks nice here on the blog Rob, nice collab effort as well, and for the record I think Kim is right, you stole the eggs!

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