When Outside Comes In   14 comments

An interior HDR image of a collapsed, abandoned farm house in eastern North Carolina

Today, we present a wonderfully creepy shot taken at the same location as The Approach and Open Door Policy.

Since I’ve not yet gained permission to go inside the old farmhouse (and perhaps I wouldn’t want to), for this shot I stretched my tripod out to maximum height, jamming the lens over a window casing and taking my best guess for focus and brackets, all while dodging broken glass and rusty nails. Lucky guess. This is toward the back of the house, where a sunroom/porch fell into the main part of the house. I was delighted when I saw the brackets, as the window was so high off the ground that I couldn’t even see in.

I think we could call this a Redneck Solarium.

Nikon D7000 with Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 lens, 38mm at f/6.3, using 9 of 15 shots taken from Promote Control, including a second tonemap of the bottom three to bring the luminosity of the ‘skylight’ to reasonable levels.

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14 responses to “When Outside Comes In

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  1. I think you win for more “apt” photo title today sir, lol. My first thought was “exactly!”

    amazing photo. I like the vines running all over.

  2. Talk about going to great lengths to get a shot! Great image for just guessing and shooting blind.

  3. Wow! The texture is just marvelous and everything else is too.

  4. That’s cool, well done Rob! Jim

  5. I love the bright red plastic thing in the right bottom corner. Anchors the image with a time reference.

  6. What a crazy image! It totally looks my apartment before I met my wife!!

  7. Awesome shot! Great composition!

  8. Nice work Rob. Dig the solarium!

  9. Great find and capture – well done!

  10. great image and sweet processing – looks very dodgy though!

  11. Looks like it would be a bit spooky to walk inside there anyway. That’s probably as close as I’d want to get. Great shot!

  12. Great find Rob, the colors look much better here than Flickr

  13. Nicely done! You’ve really caught some nice detail in this shot with great overall sharpness. Not sure I’d want to venture in to that space.

  14. Nice one Rob! Who needs permission? Do you mean from your wife 😉

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