Still Mill Wheels   16 comments

Rural scene at Old Mill of Guilford, North Carolina, with steel mill wheels


The sign near the register said:

Breakfast without grits is like a road sign without bullet holes. It just ain’t Southern.

While cruising toward Hanging Rock State Park (NC) looking for opportunities, I came across the Old Mill of Guilford, which dates back to 1767. The 18th century grist mill is water powered and fully operational. Toward the back of the mill, along the stream that powers a turbine and 24′ water wheel, I came across this interesting setting. I enjoyed playing with composition, setting the round wheels against the straight lines of the bridge, stream, the feeder on the left, and the gazebo.

As is the case when people are kind enough to let me on their property, I picked up a few things from the mill store while there, including some really fantastic white grits and dried cranberries. If you’d like to visit, here’s a link to the Old Mill of Guildford.

Nikon D7000 with Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 lens, f/22 at 26mm, 9 exposures using Promote Control

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16 responses to “Still Mill Wheels

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  1. Very Nice Composition Rob! Beautiful.

  2. Awesome shot, Rob!

  3. I really like all the wheels in this. I also like that the two wheels front and center are so contrasting to one another. Great shot man.

  4. Love the processing here Rob, this is outstanding!

  5. Great comp Rob! Really adds depth to the shot.

  6. Great shot and LOL @ that sign!

  7. Keep them coming. This one is incredibly beautiful.

  8. Nice work Rob and cool framing withe the wheels! Jim

  9. I really like this composition and the shadows. Very good details.

  10. Excellent Scenery!!

  11. I like the two big wheels right in the foreground!

  12. Looks like a cool place, allot of nice details

  13. The gazebo stands out nicely.

  14. The colors are great they really pop.

  15. Nice wok, Rob!

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