Reflections: No Ordinary Moments   24 comments

A serene view of Moosehead Lake, Maine, with mountains in background.

No Ordinary Moments


In the midst of all that is going on in the world, I zigzag a path between wanting to stay fully informed and yet wanting to step back to a more peaceful time and place. It’s as though the news of the day — whatever it is today — overwhelms the senses. People are unemployed, the economy is tanking, China might acquire the U.S., we’re living in a climate of fear, Trump’s hair moved, governments are falling, Obama greases Osama, Peak Oil has come and gone although we have no shortage if we just scrape it off our shores… The list is endless.

I think it’s a natural, human inclination to retreat from this type of onslaught. The problem is that although we would seek a serene center in our lives, we have a strong desire to know what will happen in the future and yet we pattern our time based on premises from the past. There’s a tendency to either gather information so that we (think we) know what will happen, or to run back to what is known and comfortable, even if it wasn’t perfect.

Sometimes when I feel overwhelmed by ‘current events’, I like to go back through my library of images to find something more calm and serene. (See image above.) One can feel righteous about it when seeking a balance in life. In doing so today, though, it struck me: Even that retreat is an avoidance of what is happening right now.

“There is never nothing going on. There are no ordinary moments.” — Dan Millman

Every moment of experience is all that we really are. Sometimes the experience is placid, at other times chaotic. Either way, it’s our experience, and surely that should not be avoided. While we might cringe at the thought of some possible future event, or reminisce fondly about the perfect campsite on a remote lake, doing so pulls us away from whatever is happening now, and it is only our resistance to what is happening that causes discomfort.

Millman also said, “The world’s a puzzle; no need to make sense of it.”

The key is to stay awake to what is happening, to watch, and to experience it fully. Any resistance to that awareness — any drifting to the future or to the past — creates suffering.

Today, I needed a reminder of that, so I wrote this.  Thank you for reading it.

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24 responses to “Reflections: No Ordinary Moments

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  1. Now this is a great shot. I love the glass surface of the water with the subtle sky reflection. I could just stare at this for hours letting my mind drift through thoughts and ideas. I can almost hear the stillness 😀

  2. Fantastic post Rob! Beautifully peaceful image and one that can put your mind in a better place! Well done!

  3. Rob I mean wow, this is breathtaking work. This takes serenity to the next level that’s for sure. I really like your write up too and the quotes. Excellent work man.

  4. Great post Rob – Moosehead Lake is absolutely beautiful, and you nailed it!

  5. The image is stunning Rob and the narrative is timely and appropriate. Another beautiful start to a beautiful day. And it is glossy 🙂

  6. 5 stars my friend! very peaceful.

  7. Beautiful serene image. I love these kind of shots.

  8. Wonderful shot Rob and well written too! Jim

  9. Thank you for all the kind comments, friends. I’m so glad you’ve visited and enjoyed the post.

  10. Very well written and I agree whole heartedly with you. Great image as well.

  11. Wow Rob, what a poignant blog and photo you’ve shared with us today, I LOVE it! That reflection in the water there is just so still and peaceful; what a fantastic capture!

  12. Incredible image Rob, outstanding!!!

  13. Sweet Rob, I love the detail in the foreground rocks and the depth that the mountains in the background add.

  14. Great post today. And a great image!

  15. Beautiful photo and great post today Rob!

  16. It’s hard to fight the urge to detach yourself from the news when you feel like you must know what’s going on. It’s funny, with all the bad news out there, when things like the royal wedding came up (which was good news), people were sick of hearing about it. I thought geez, it’s probably one of the happiest headlines out there amidst all the news about death, devastation, and other forms of sadness. I for one fully engaged with the brighter side of life and went with news of a country celebrating the union of two people in love. I think it’s important to always look for good news and read that last, so you know that while there is a lot of chaos, there’s a lot of happiness as well.

    Beautiful image too!

  17. Well said/written — thanks for the reminder. Wonderful image too.

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  19. Its so peaceful looking, staring at this photo helps relax my mood. Great post, I couldn’t agree more with you.

  20. Awesome shot, Rob! Well done.

  21. This image lets you take a deep breath, and exhale. You can gaze and think nothing at all. It’s nice, Rob, to get to know the photographer and the man a little better.

  22. superb image – lovely clear shot – well done

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  24. Your blog is very nice, I like your articles, Its very help me.

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