Work the Camera, Baby!   9 comments

An extreme closeup of a turtle after she deposited eggs in our backyard.

Work the Camera, Baby!

Shortly after taking the picture of the turtle and hare featured in It Really Happened, I decided to get a closeup shot of the slower of the two. Getting brackets of the rabbit were difficult… they’re kinda skittish.

The best thing about HDRing this turtle is that she didn’t move much, and didn’t seem to mind the camera being so close. It’s very likely that she had just deposited a clutch of eggs near the deck, and was simply exhausted. Still, she worked the camera like a pro.

To get this shot, I mounted the camera upside down on a reversed tripod, hovering just over the grass. I used the Nikkor 18-105 lens at 105mm f/6.3 so that I didn’t disturb her too much and fired off 9 exposures using the Promote Control. Post-processing involved Nik Color Efex Pro, Alien Skin Bokeh, and other bit crushers.

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9 responses to “Work the Camera, Baby!

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  1. LOL, definitely let out a chuck on this one Rob! I think that this is the first turtle HDR I’ve ever seen, great details, and that expression just says “Get the %^& out of here!”

  2. The title for this cracks me up. I love how you were able to not only capture this, but that the turtle also has some green grass on the shell. Love this shot!

  3. I think you captured the emotion of of the moment in this shot! Very cool Rob – love it!

  4. hehe great shot Rob! Jim

  5. Perfect title, great shot!

  6. Haha! Great capture Rob! I actually took a picture of a tortoise this wekend that I’m planning on posting on Sunday.

  7. That’s probably the perfect animal to try to HDR. Great shot!

  8. thats really nice – he looks suitable unimpressed though!

  9. Sweet, great texture and details on the turtle.

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