Who Decorates the Scenes…   21 comments

A stunning autumn sunrise over Cobscook Bay State Park, Edmunds, Maine

Who Decorates the Scenes...

Autumn sunrise at Cobscook Bay State Park, Maine.

I awoke that morning in darkness and crawled out of the tent, hoping to catch a good sunrise. Sometimes it’s really worth getting up so early.

In this place, so far removed from roads and ‘civilization’, it’s utterly still and hushed at that time of morning, save for the occasional call of a shorebird or a small boat working its way up the bay. It’s a time of quietude and a time for reverence for whoever decorates the scenes we see.

(The title is from one of my favorite Chris Smither songs, “I Am the Ride.”)

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21 responses to “Who Decorates the Scenes…

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  1. Man, just get me a chair so I can sit here for a few hours. This is by far one of my favorite images from you thus far. The color, the setting, and the processing really work well here. Gorgeous!

  2. Wow… breathtaking.

  3. Stunning image Rob. It looks so peaceful and comfortable. Wonderfully done!

  4. beautiful color and processing

  5. I love this processing!

  6. fabulous Rob, great shot!! Jim

  7. Dude, Rob, looks like a painting! Amazing work man, love those reflections

  8. Wow, Rob! This is an awesome shot! Well done!

  9. Thanks to all of you for visiting, and for your kind comments. I’m so glad you enjoyed the image.

  10. Beautiful shot! Love the colors in the clouds!

  11. Good Lord, Rob, how astonishing! I LOVE the colors here, and the little island peeking through the sunrise, looking forward to the day, is just incredible! Awesome details and composition, my friend, absolutely top drawer!

  12. WOW!

  13. This is wonderful. It actually puts me right there – outstanding!

    Possibly we decorate the scene just by being there to witness it. Maybe the decorator needs us just as much as we need him 😉

  14. Awesome sunrise! Is that a little island of trees? Looks really cool.

  15. Amazing light!

  16. Wow stunning sky. I love it. Yeah you’re right sometimes it is great to get up that early and capture the amazing sunrise. I tried a couple of times and failed to get any sunrise at all and so I settled for sunsets since I am normally still awake for them. Had more luck with that. But your’s is definitely stunning. I scrolled back 3x to re watch it.

  17. Fantastic sunset!

  18. Splendid HDR!!!

  19. Okay, I am convinced that I should get up early with you! Breathtaking picture.

  20. WOW – thats awesome – what a great image. Lovely colours.

  21. Even better on the blog, sorry for being away for a bit

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