The Overachiever   11 comments

An early ripe strawberry in an old whiskey barrel

The Overachiever

Just a quick shot for today, and at that, we had to get to it before the squirrels took any more berries.

Our prime strawberry patch is in the large garden, but near the deck we have an old whiskey barrel containing plants from last season. We didn’t expect much from them, but to our surprise, the daughter plants are up churning out some delicious berries.

I really enjoyed this composition, between the various shades of the strawberries, the old wood barrel and rusted hoops, and the dried leaves from the previous year’s parent plants. I only wish we could share them with you. This year’s crop is about the best we’ve ever had.


Thanks to the suggestion of a friend, Mark “KonaFlyer” Patton, I’ve finally gotten down to creating a video showing some of my HDR processing techniques. So far, it’s coming along well. Please stay tuned here for the (free!) release of the video. It should be interesting.

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11 responses to “The Overachiever

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  1. cool shot Rob and I look forward to seeing your video

  2. Yummy! Good work, on the image and the berries! Looking forward to the video!

  3. Beautiful shot. Love all the various stages of growth you captured, and the plump red berry has got my mouth watering right now. Can’t wait to see the video!

  4. Awesome. I was scrolling down through the pic thinking “ok where’s he going with this title…” and then I saw the red. 🙂 Great composition.

  5. Strawberries are my favorite thing next to BBQ flies. This shot is AWESOME Rob! What a fabulous tone, and the details from all the little visual gems in the image are astounding!

  6. Pluck that baby and eat it! It should not even make it in the house…

  7. Very nice composition. There’s always one in a bunch! 🙂

  8. Nice Rob, I can taste the Berries, glad to hear the garden is doing well, cannot wait to see the video, I cannot imagine a video of my processing, you are brave! I would have a cluster-video of me yelling at dogs, beer runs, etc….

  9. Awesome work here Rob, love the macro, great details for sure! I’m pumped to see the video, been thinking about doing one myself too!

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  11. Lovely macro love hoy you’ve made it glow.

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