Angels in the Architecture   10 comments

A closeup of a young Italian Squash bud

Angels in the Architecture

Following up on yesterday’s strawberry image, The Overachiever, I managed to catch this Italian Squash bud in the light of late afternoon. (I always thought that I disliked squash of any sort, until I tried some fresh out of the garden.)

I never cease to be amazed at what plants like this can present as they unfurl their leaves and send out spiraling tendrils to grab onto the nearest bit of infrastructure.

The title is a snippet from Paul Simon’s song “You Can Call Me Al”

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10 responses to “Angels in the Architecture

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  1. Man, this is what I need to learn for my macro work. The little “hairs” on that plant are crazy. Love the deep greens as well. Great work my friend!

  2. sweet shot Rob and I remember that lyric!!

  3. I just photographed one of these plants this past weekend. I have to say that your shot puts mine to shame. Well captured :).

  4. Dudeeeeeee, Rob this is sweet!!!! Love those details and lighting man, just incredible

  5. That’s crazy Rob, what a fabulous element to find and it’s just incredibly captured! AWESOME!

  6. lovely luminance to the image – really nicely done.

  7. So delicately captured – beautiful lighting.

  8. Love the details and vibrance! Awesome macro work.

  9. I pattern of this is so cool, great shot and thanks for sharing.

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