Spinning in Infinity   5 comments

A closeup image of an Italian Summer Squash bud, backlit by the sun, with bokeh

Spinning in Infinity

Following up on the previous image Angels in the Architecture,  I again found fascination and beauty in an Italian Summer Squash bud, backlit by the setting sun. The varietal name is ‘Climbing Trombocino.’ (“Squash” seems like a rather unromantic name for such a plant, and certainly didn’t conjure up appetizing thoughts when I was a kid.)

I was delightfully surprised to see the bokeh come out so well on this image, especially since the aperture was f/6.3, though the tall hedgerow that caused the bokeh was some distance away from the subject. ISO was 800, 1/80 sec., at 55mm.

The title, once again, is the next snippet from Paul Simon’s song “You Can Call Me Al”

News Update:

The release of my HDR video tutorial has been delayed a bit. Since I created the video for a friend and wasn’t at all concerned about length, it’s a full hour of fun and games. Problem is, I hadn’t accounted for where I’d store the beast, and have had to break it up into 15-minute segments before posting on YouTube. I hope to have the finals uploaded by the end of this week after I re-index it.

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5 responses to “Spinning in Infinity

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  1. Wonderful image Rob! The detail of the hairs on the stems is amazing. The light in the image and your processing are both excellent as always my friend! Have a great day!

  2. This is art in nature with a gentle bokeh backdrop! The back lighting provides a beautiful 3D effect – just gorgeous.

  3. Spectacular, Rob! Wow, what an amazing capture here my friend. Isn’t Mother Nature wonderful…. it takes a skilled photographer like yourself to pull this wonderful scene out! Great photo!! This particular Toad digs this shot!

  4. Dude, this is amazing! The macro, the bokeh, all amazing!!! Great colors too

  5. nicely done Rob and that is some sweet bokeh!!

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