Early One Morning   13 comments

An early sunrise through fog at Hammonasset Beach State Park, Connecticut

Early One Morning

In coastal North Carolina, the summers can be absolutely stifling. With temperatures steadily in the upper 90s and humidity levels to match, just moving through the day can prove difficult. Three changes of clothing per day are not unheard of.

It’s no surprise that we usually flee the state late in the season, heading up to New England to camp and hike. As we travel from NC toward New England, each day brings progressively cooler temperatures. Like stepping into a walk-in refrigerator, the relief is palpable, and we breathe a little easier for every degree of latitude we gain.

Two days into our drive north in 2010, we stumbled onto Hammonasset Beach State Park in Connecticut. It was surprisingly nice given its proximity to large metro areas, and if we had more time in the schedule, we would have stayed an extra couple of nights.

Early one morning, I rolled out of the tent to find the sunrise bouncing through a fog bank that had rolled off of Long Island Sound. The grasses were wet with dew, and the local wildlife was just getting started for the day.

It has been dastardly hot in NC for this time of year. Through late May and into this early in June, we’re already breaking temperature records with highs of around 98. I felt I needed a little relief from the weather (and from posting farm and garden shots!), so I dragged this one out of the archives as a reminder — an incentive to get through the upcoming summer months.

Handheld three exposure HDR, f/7.1, ISO 200, 70mm. Merged in HDR Express, adjusted using 32 Float, finished with Nik Color Efex Pro in Photoshop CS5

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13 responses to “Early One Morning

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  1. Love the fog and little streaks of purple tucked away in the frame. What a great scene to roll out of the tent to.

  2. Beautiful color!

  3. Beautiful.

  4. Beautiful image Rob! Love the tones in the sky! Have a great day my friend and stay cool!

  5. Amazing shot, Rob!

  6. Funny how the weather is… I feel like it hasn’t been as hot here in AZ as it usually is by this time. This is a beautiful scene – perfect composition!

  7. Nice scene Rob, love that fog

  8. when I saw this, the first words out of my mouth were “holy cow”! and I actually said it out loud – sweet shot Rob, wonderfully done!!

  9. Geez, Rob, this is AWESOME. I love the dreamy feel of the overall scene and the little dabs of color from the flowers! Really absolutely breathtaking my good friend!

  10. Gorgeous (in case you get tired of “beautiful”) – subtle and smoooth….

  11. Droool!! Man I love fog in pictures. There is just some thing about fog that makes every mundane object look amazing.

  12. This is is just breathtaking man!

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