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The Vegitect, a view of our garden in NC

The Vegitect


Today’s image is my response to DJ @Oxherder Arts’ recent garden picture. DJ is in Texas, we’re in North Carolina, though sometimes the distance between us seems immeasurably small.

Here in NC, earlier in the year we discerned that this was going to be a very interesting summer for those with a hearty vegetable garden, as well as for those without. Between food prices spiraling out of control, epic drought and floods, and the pernicious influence of ‘FRaNkEnFOodS’, we decided to ramp it up a notch to provide for ourselves and loved ones.

This is the result, largely due to the constant efforts of The Vegitect, seen in the background.

For the image above, I’ve linked over to Flickr, where I’ve put Note boxes around the various plants in the garden. Click on the picture above, and a new tab or window will open. Take a tour of the garden by checking the note boxes in the Flickr version. You might be surprised at all that is packed into this small area.

In fact, though, this is only a portion of the garden. Off the to the right and out of sight, we also have blueberry bushes, fig trees, sweet potatoes, sunflowers, more tomatoes, peppers, herbs, stevia (a natural sweetener), watercress, and a few other greens. On the other side of the property is a compost pile complex.

Everything in the gardens is totally organic. We never use pesticides, Miracle Grow, synthetic fertilizer, or anything of the sort. The one item that has produced this tremendous result is something called MYCOGROW, a mycorrhizal fungi and plant inoculum. The mycorrhizae aid in root growth and extension, and assist in nutrient and water absorption, yet the product is completely safe and natural.

Now, if we could only work on the Property Owner’s Association to allow chickens to go after the insects, we’d be golden.

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5 responses to “The Vegitect

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  1. Wonderful image Rob! Really nice looking garden! Love the seashell in the middle of it all! Great touch!

  2. Great looking place. Looks like a lot of work though. 🙂 Cutting the grass is enough gardening form me.

  3. that looks like a full time job mate!!

  4. This is so cool Rob! I love the processing too, such vibrant colors

  5. woah, when the garden starts to look like that you know its summer! nice shot 🙂

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