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Know that the world of created beings
is like pure and clear water, reflecting
the attributes of God.

Their knowledge, justice and kindness
reflects God’s like a heavenly star is
reflected in running water.

Earthly kings reflect God’s kingship.
Scholars mirror the wisdom of God.

People and nations may change as
one generation replaces another;
but the divine attributes are eternal.

The water flowing in the stream
changes many times, but the
reflection of the moon and stars
in the water remains the same.

— Rumi (Masnavi 6: 3172-8)


A Great Egret admires his reflection at the Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge near the coast of Delaware. Perhaps this is a good followup to last week’s Narcissus.

As we were driving north to New England for our autumn vacation, one morning we decided to slow down and take a more coastal route. The small road brought us through farmlands, forgotten towns, and beautiful natural areas hosting thousands of birds. At one bend in the road, there were ponds on either side serving as brooding areas for various birds. (You can see another view of this pond at Assembly.)

My good friend from Wales, Anthony Woodhouse, has started a new Flickr group called Weekly Photo Challenge. This image is my entry for this week’s challenge: Reflections.

Single Exposure handheld from Nikon D90, Nikkor 70-300mm f/3.5-5.6 lens at f/9, 300mm, 1/640s. Processed in Photoshop CS5, Nik Color Efex Pro assisting.


For a short time, I’m running a contest to win a free copy of the recently-released Topaz Lens Effects. To win, all you have to do is drop a comment under this photo, answering the simple question: What was different or unusual about all of my photo-blog entries last week?   It should be obvious to those who have been with me for a while.  A winner will be picked at random from all correct responses, and notified by email, so be sure to include your address (I will send no SPAM.)

18 responses to “Masnavi

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  1. Oh wow. Very nice reflections. Is it upside down? Looks like it 🙂 As for your contest – I didnt see any HDR shots last week.

  2. Man, I like how you flipped this one around, that added a nice touch of interest. As for last week, you didn’t post a single HDR or piece of farm equipment at all.

  3. Great image! I liked the narrative as well. No HDR last week and upside down does add interest but when I stood on my head in my chair and looked at it, it was really great :))

    • That cracked me up, Mark! I was done with the image and decided to flip it so see what might happen. When I compared the two, the flipped orientation seemed much more interesting. I like how it kinda messes with the head…

  4. sweet shot Rob, like the flip! I’ll go with no HDR myself, hope you are well my friend!

  5. Dig the reflections Rob – looks like everything is single exposure and handheld, as well as from your canoeing trip!

  6. I am digging the upside down on this photo. As you said, it makes you go: huh? which means it brings out an emotion, which in my book means your photo was great :).

  7. Rob…this is absolutely gorgeous. I just love the reflection and the peacefulness of the image.

  8. That upside down thing is COOL Rob! I got that right away when I saw your image here today, and I have to say the results are just wonderful! I’d never have thought to try that; this is a prime example of how talented you truly are, good sir. What a beautiful image.

  9. Beautifully elegant. I think that you should have flipped the sandpipers in the opposite direction, if you really want to mess with your viewer’s heads!

  10. No HDR, one theme, and allot of philosophy? ding Ding Ding

  11. Very Nice SHOT!!!

  12. Super image and well done for having the vision to turn it upside down!

  13. After a lengthy randomizing run (eenie-meenie-mynee-mo), and with help from my Lovely Assistant, Susan, we have pulled a winner out of a Tupperware bowl of all correct responses (even though some people provided multiple responses… Mike…), and, with the winner being further randomized by keeping the results secretly stored in an old mayonnaise jar on Funk & Wagnall’s porch…

    The winner of a free copy of Topaz Lens Effects is…….. Jim Nix, from Austin, Texas.

    Congratulations, Jim! C’mon down!

    Thanks, all, for playing. Indeed, every post from last week was non-HDR, a rarity for me. Yes, there was a bit of philosophy (not much, really… philosophers get very long-winded, you know), and most posts were along a theme of beach ponies, but in the end, I was looking for “non-HDR.”

    Thanks for stopping by. I really appreciate knowing you all.

  14. Love this shot and what it brings up in me the viewer. Funny you bring up HDR – non-HDR. Last year I was 80% HDR and 20% non-HDR and this year it has flipped back to 80% non-HDR and 20% HDR. I feel the earth rumbling and a new shift happening though. A new wind is blowing in and bounced in the next shiny object… 😉

  15. Awesome image and congrats to Jim Nix.

    Love the reflections and the way you presented this. Nice write picas well.

  16. Yay, I won!! I never win anything, so this is quite a treat! Thanks Rob!!

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