What, Did You Miss Me?   4 comments

What, Did You Miss Me?

I haven’t posted any pictures for a while, and have only been out to shoot for brief periods of time. Here in NC, we’ve been hit with a long string of days where the heat index is between 110-115F… just miserable weather for this one who likes the cold.

We did manage a photo cruise about a week ago, but I found that many of the great old barns, farms and tractors are overrun with summer foliage. Here’s a good example of this kind of vegetative misbehavior: Dominance. So, while there may have been some decent targets, most of them were buried under so much growth that you just couldn’t see them very well.

One place I’ve always wanted to shoot (as it were) is a place called B&R Guns and Outdoor Range, located in a remote spot near the Croatan National Forest. As you drive up to this place, the large, hand-painted sign looks like it says, “BAR GUNS & RANGE”, which always struck me as a humorously odd combination.

Note to self: When the temps are hovering around 100 degrees and the concrete is too hot on the knee when kneeling to take a low shot, DO NOT instead put your knee on the shell casings.

This week should have an interesting and varied set of images that I’ve dredged up from different sources, so please stay tuned.

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4 responses to “What, Did You Miss Me?

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  1. Wow, there’s a lot of shells there! Cool shot!

  2. looking at these I envision my mother in law! (lol, joking of course 🙂 ) really nice, thanks for the visual pleasure, again!

  3. shit – that’s a lot of shells.

  4. Yes, I did miss you. But don’t let it go to your head; the best part of your whole post is your “Note to self”! Sorry, but I couldn’t help but laugh out loud when I read it. I love the shotgun shell collage. Fun, whimsical and good to know that you don’t take yourself too seriously!

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