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Well, well, well… Guess who’s expecting?

You all might remember Grace from a recent photo, taken as she approached the gardens.

A little while ago, just after this picture was taken, Grace began cavorting with a male rabbit just a few feet away from us. We were enthralled as the dance continued. The male made any number of passes at Grace, and she’d leap out of his way, moving off to continue munching on clover. This went on for about an hour. They must not have appreciated our voyeurism, though, because they both headed off behind some hay bales, only to reappear a short time later.

Now, we’ve noticed, Grace has taken to climbing up on one of the hay bales. Curious. When we looked closer, we found that she has made a den on top of a hay bale, right up against… the rabbit fencing.

Sheesh… the girl sure knows where to shop for her groceries. This means that in a couple of weeks, I’m going to be scooping baby bunnies out of the garden with a butterfly net, as I did the last time Grace dropped a litter. I actually look forward to that, and hope to get some cute pics out of it.

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5 responses to “Gravid

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  1. giggles

  2. Oh my God, Rob, I can’t wait to hear more about this adventure, how awesome is this??!?!?

  3. that’s awesome Rob!!

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