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Linda Ann
On the same cruise through rural Pamlico county where we found Serviceable, the road leads through the town of Oriental. It’s a quaint little place on the waters of the Neuse River leading into Pamlico Sound, which is the largest lagoon on the east coast.

Oriental is a haven for recreational sailors as well as shrimpers, and is well worth the visit, but be sure to poke around carefully. Blink, and you’ll drive right through town.

Despite the appearance of tranquility, this image was difficult to process. With the tripod set up on a large, floating dock, there were enough people wandering onto the dock that the whole system moved substantially, causing alignment problems. (And, it was simply too hot out to wait for everyone to leave!) Enter Photomatix Pro’s selective de-ghosting feature, which has saved more than a few of my brackets. Without this function, other programs tend to fall short given the task of dealing with wind effects and vibration, problems that we frequently encounter. A good trick to try in a case like this is what I’ve done here: Use Photomatix Pro to come up with the base image, then layer on clean output from other programs in order to pull out all the details — it seems that no one program does everything perfectly for what I want to do.

I’ll likely illustrate this technique in an upcoming video tutorial.

Speaking of which, my free HDR Processing Techniques tutorial just surpassed 1,150 views, which surprises me in that I don’t usually advertise or promote its presence on YouTube. Feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and many people have written some nice personal notes of thanks, which just warms my heart.  If you haven’t yet seen it, you can find Part 1 of 5 here: HDR Processing Techniques with Rob Hanson, Part 1.  And please tell your friends… I’m not so much of a social media monster that I can get the word out effectively, so your help is much appreciated. Thanks.


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  1. I totally want to go out on this ship and enjoy a day on the water. Congrats on the HDR tutorial numbers as well!

  2. Wonderful image and I imagine the challenges with water and being on a dock. Linked to your tutorial from Google+. Wonder if there will be any bump. Have a great day!

  3. Wonderful image Rob! Oriental is a nice little place. I am glad your tutorial is popular, I knew it would be the moment I saw it. I look forward to the next one.

  4. Jaw dropping shot here Rob, I just LOVE this!! Great composition of a lovely subject, to say the very least. I am also in process of spreading your video of HDR processing as far and wide as I can, my friend.

  5. Processed nicely!

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