Redneck Topiary   6 comments

A forest line covered in kudzu, in rural North Carolina

Redneck Topiary -- © 2011 Rob Hanson Photography, All Rights Reserved

The other day, we were cruising around some back roads when we ran into this stunning display of ‘Redneck Topiary.’ Can you spot the pretty elephant?

Let’s see: Soybeans in the foreground, oak forest in the background, and everything along the edge is covered in kudzu. Kudzu, a vine plant imported from the Far East, has been called, “The Vine That Ate The South.” Sure, it probably seemed like a good idea at the time, but killing or controlling the overgrowth is nearly impossible. If you stand still for about an hour, the vines would likely wrap around your ankles.


For those following the story of Grace, she dropped her bunny seeds into the den in the hay bale a few days ago. I’ll have to check to see how long the little ones den up before they come out for their final feeding.  Grace tends to call them out of the nest for one last home-cooked meal before sending them out on their own. It’s always a delight to watch the kids foray out for their first trip into the big world. It’s both comical and chaotic.


And a special thanks to all my friends who gave my HDR Processing Techniques tutorial a bump last week. The response has been incredible, with many new views and countless new subscribers to my YouTube channel. Consider that the hour-long video is absolutely free and contains a few tips and tricks that many have found useful, I just wanted to get the word out about its presence, and you all came through for me.  Many, many thanks!

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6 responses to “Redneck Topiary

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  1. What a great place to photograph and I di spot the elephant. Great job.

  2. I see the elephant! It still amazes me at how much Kudzu is all over the place down south. It is truly hard to drive anywhere and not see the devastation that vine has played.

  3. Awesome. I do see the elephant. And Kudzu! Haven’t seen that stuff or heard of it in a long time. I have family in the south and have heard many “yellings” about that.

  4. This is such a great photo. When I saw the title before I saw the photo, I was envisioning all sorts of different pictures, including rusted out cars, tractor tire gardens, etc. Instead, when I opened the photo I laughed out loud. Perfect. And yes, I see the elephant.

    We see a lot less kudzu in central NC than we used to 20 years ago. I don’t know if that’s due to increasing development, climate extremes or more aggressive eradication programs. But it is definitely the scourge of rural areas.

    Love your work – please keep it coming.

  5. Excellent image Rob! Thanks for the update on Grace. Kudzu is truly a pain. Hope you are finding a way to beat the heat! Have a great week!

  6. Wow, thats looks great, like green monsters in the garden 😉 fine HDR processing.

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