A Stair Whisperer Invocation   7 comments

The front of an old dilapidated farmhouse built prior to Civil War in rural North Carolina

A Stair Whisperer Invocation, © 2011 Rob Hanson Photography, All Rights Reserved


This one was taken specifically with my friend, Bob Lussier, in mind. He is affectionately and properly known as The Stair Whisperer, after his incredible interior shots of the mills of Massachusetts. In the minds of most, nobody does it better.

Toward the end of a long, hot day exploring some new-to-us places, we stumbled across this broken down farmhouse. Sure, it was just off the road, only a few feet up a rural driveway, but what would it hurt to get right up there and shoot the inside? Who’d mind?

For the second time that day, a car wheeled down the road and, as bad luck would have it, pulled into the driveway. The couple inside stopped to ask what I was doing there. Fortunately, they were much more friendly and receptive than the burly guy in a huge pickup who stopped me earlier at another location. (“This is private land.” “But, it wasn’t marked as private, and it’s on our GPS.” “It eee-is.” “Okee-dokee, then…we’re just leaving now.”)

Mr. & Mrs. Wiggins gave me a pretty thorough history of this place, and invited me to shoot away. The farmhouse actually dates to before the Civil War, and it is said that at night in a rain, it glows inside as though there are lights on. I didn’t wait for nightfall to check on that.

Nikon D7000, Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8 lens, 17mm, ISO 100, f/4.5, seven exposures at +/-1EV with Promote  Control. Processed using HDR Express, Photomatix Pro, and Nik Color Efex Pro in Photoshop CS5.




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7 responses to “A Stair Whisperer Invocation

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  1. The texture in the roof and other wood parts are very, very, neat.

  2. Great shot. Love the processing on this.

  3. Glowing inside, that got my attention, how cool is that. Nice image and nice processing Rob, sweet colors

  4. Awesomeshot! Thanks for the shout-out! I am SO looking forward to shooting Redneck Urbex with you!

  5. Beautiful image Rob! I really want to see you get this when it is raining and glowing! Your processing as always is perfect! Really well done!

  6. Great shot Rob. So much going on here.

  7. mmmm….. the light, the colors, the textures… AND a cool back-story! Love it.

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