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Just syncing up this morning… I posted this on Flickr yesterday, but was occupied the rest of the day.

This was taken at National Night Out Against Crime in New Bern Tuesday evening. Did these two know that I was watching them?

It seems that not much happens in our town, particularly in the evening, and particularly things we might be interested in doing. But, it was nice to go downtown and see a fairly large number of people gathered for National Night Out Against Crime. The event was a way to bring together people who cared about the safety of their communities — an ever-intensifying issue — so immediately everyone had something in common. The mood seemed to be very high despite the sweltering heat.

The evening at our waterfront park culminated with the police leading a flashlight walk through the downtown area. With my tripod set up along the street, it was a blast to see how people hammed it up as they went by. They’re probably still looking for their pictures in the local paper.

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2 responses to “Vigilance

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  1. I just read this morning about a study saying a neighborhood’s crime rate is determined less by how many police patrols there are, and more by how many people you know within a 15 minute walk of your home. Clearly, it pays to know your neighbors and the keep an eye on each other.

    Bet you might’ve gotten this pic in the paper…it’s a good one.

  2. Nice post Rob and a great candid, love the detail!

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