Southern Summer Cottage   8 comments

A dilapidated cottage in rural eastern North Carolina

Southern Summer Cottage - © 2011 Rob Hanson Photography

In last week’s post A Stair Whisperer’s Invocation, I wrote that at one location we had been stopped by a rather large gentleman in an even larger pickup truck, wondering just what we were doing there. This is ‘there,’ although at the time I had some pretty serious questions as to exactly where ‘there’ was.

One often hears advice that you should shoot what you have available. Even this morning, a blog I follow suggested that you become a tourist in your own area, seeing the sights anew. Well, this is what we tend to have available there in eastern N.C., or at least available for the things that I find interesting. It doesn’t take much of a drive to find some curious mess strewn about.

We walk a curious line, though: In the summertime, subjects like this can be completely overgrown and invisible. In the winter, you can find them more easily, but they lack the interesting foliage. But, sometimes you stumble across the perfect mix — a great opportunity, provided that no one gets too upset about your being there.

Right after taking this set, a pack of dogs started barking across the field. I figured I’d better ‘git.

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8 responses to “Southern Summer Cottage

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  1. Hi Rob, we must have pretty much the same rural landscape in TX. I went back country at the weekend and found quite a few spots like this. Still trying to process them.

    Great pic BTW

  2. Great shot. I love the processing.

  3. Looks like such a fun location!

  4. I had a T-bird just like that, but in red. I think it sits in the same condition at this time, actually 😉 I wonder if the building houses their moonshine factory, and that is why you had to ‘git when the dogs heard you? Hmmmmm……

  5. Without ANY doubt, my favorite picture of yours ever Rob! God, I love this. There is so much rich detail to take in here, I find it absolutely mesmerizing. Not to mention, see that Thunderbird sittin’ up there on blocks? I had one of those. Mine was black. And all the lights still worked. But, yeh, same car. Awesome, awesome shot my friend!

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  7. Awesome composition, color and processing Rob

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