“Old Baldy” Lighthouse   12 comments

"Old Baldy"

Meeting up with Bob Lussier during his visit to North Carolina, we decided to investigate a place I had never been, the Bald Head Island lighthouse, affectionately referred to as “Old Baldy.” This is the oldest standing — but no longer functioning — lighthouse in N.C., and was a worthy target not so much for the exterior shots, but for the rustic interior where Bob and I spent most of our time.

You can only reach this place by passenger ferry. Although the wait for the next boat was long, it gave Bob and I chance to have lunch and settle in with each other before we commenced to blasting away with the cameras inside the tower.

This is the obligatory outside shot. Soon, I’m sure, both Bob and I will be posting some images taken inside, where it was about 120F degrees.

Be sure to visit Bob’s blog today. As I understand it, he’ll be posting a picture of me taking this shot, as we did the other day with our images of the Boathouse.

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12 responses to ““Old Baldy” Lighthouse

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  1. Love this shot Rob, the POV and the clean processing are outstanding!

  2. Very Nice Rob.

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  4. I think I’m getting dizzy just looking at this shot. I love the sense of height you created in this. On a side note, you and your family will be in my thoughts this weekend. I don’t know how close you will be to where the hurricane is due to land, but be safe!

  5. I like the textures and the POV of the image Rob The subdued color adds to it.

  6. Great image Rob!

    Love the way the lighthouse is framed by the trees either side.

    Great leading line in!

  7. Nice shot Rob. I like your POV on this one.

  8. Thanks, everybody! I like the way this turned out, but it was really a struggle. The sun was bright, with no clouds in the sky.

  9. Excellent image, Rob! Looks like a really great place. Can’t wait to see inside!

  10. What, no Bob in this shot??!?! LOL Awesome capture here, my friend, I cannot wait to see the goodies inside!!

  11. Beautiful shot, Rob. The point of view is outstanding, making the lighthouse tower skyward. Good stuff!

  12. Killer shot!!! Love the POV!

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