“Should I Stay or Should I Go”   11 comments


(With apologies to The Clash for shamelessly ripping off their song title.)

We’re likely to be offline for a while, but before that, I thought I’d post a pretty picture with lots of nice colors. While it is not my original image, I think it tells a story nonetheless.

A number of readers have written to wish us well, commending us to stay safe. Thank you very much, all, for the notes. We appreciate them very, very much.

Anytime we have an approaching storm like Hurricane Irene, we’re faced with a difficult decision on whether to bug out, or not. The last time we fled from a storm — Hurricane Floyd —  we went to Asheville, on the western end of the state. The effects of H. Floyd were benign out there, and the drive back east was uneventful… until we hit Kinston, a town only 45 minutes to the west of our house. It was there that an overpass over a feeder creek was flooded, and we could go no further. As it turned out, Floyd dumped 19″ of rain in eastern NC within a very short time period, completely swamping the area. That night, at what seemed like the last possible minute, the police opened up one lane of the bridge to eastbound traffic, and we crawled through to get home. But, we couldn’t get back out until the swamp drained many weeks later.

We’ll likely ride this one out here at home, but I’m certainly not looking forward to it. It’s probably going to rip our gardens all to hell, at the very least, and we’re likely to be without power for a couple of days. Actually, I’m more concerned for the people up north, particularly on Long Island. The ground is wet, there are few escape routes, and it looks like they’ll get a direct hit from a Cat-2, which is bound to cause problems.

These things are stressful for everyone, and I hope for the best, for everyone. I’ll be doing my best to Zen my way through it, realizing that there is no inherent meaning in events like this (aside what we might assign), but that it is simply the way the world works, and we have no control whatsoever in the face of the storm. I’m sure I could extend the metaphor a bit, but it’s not yet Philosophy Friday, so I’ll spare you. 🙂

(Oh, by the way, we lie just west and north of Morehead City, about where the pretty orange line crosses the first inland river.)


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11 responses to ““Should I Stay or Should I Go”

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  1. Good luck man, I hope that everything works out all right!!!!

  2. I’ll be thinking of you Rob. Keep safe and, when Irene get’s there could you just send it out into the Atlantic so it stays away from us here in Virginia. 🙂
    All the best,
    Tom Lussier

  3. Hey Rob, Keep your head down. I stayed at home for Hurricane Ike, pretty scary, but we survived with very little damage. I think it was either a cat 2 or 3 when it got to us. This was my first Hurricane so I have to admit I was pretty excited about the whole thing.

    My thoughts are with you buddy.

  4. My suggestion is this: pack some coolers with ice, bury your favorite beer in said coolers, and hunker down for the storm. At least you’ll have a cold brew in hand as you curse at mother nature for destroying your strawberry plants. Ok, maybe not the best idea, but it sounded awesome in my head. 😉

  5. With a home in the NW Florida panhandle I know first hand the stress of hurricane season. I have ridden them out and I have evacuated. Neither one is easy. You watch the track and go with your gut. Regardless of what you decide you will be foremost in our minds.

  6. Good luck Rob. Our prayers will be with you and everyone in Irene’s path.

  7. Stay safe!

  8. God Rob, we can’t stop thinking of you guys there. Best wishes. You’re in our hearts.

  9. Good luck from the UK. Stay safe!

  10. Hey Buddy, hunker down, and BE SAFE! And for godsake, don’t go out and try to get that awesome storm shot! Mother Nature always, always gets the last shot!
    I’ll be thinking of you.

  11. You know what my vote was : ), hope you are well Rob, check in when possible

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