Squash Is Both a Noun and a Verb   5 comments

Squash Is Both a Noun and a Verb

The ironic thing is that we had a Trombocino squash garden growing under those Leyland Cypress trees… you know, the bushy trees that are nearly horizontal. Neither made it.

This was the scene as we went out the back door on Sunday morning after Hurricane Irene. The winds had blown hard out of the north, which is on the left side of the picture. About 12 years ago we planted three Leylands to soften the shed, never really expecting that they’d grow to 40-50′, nor be that lush. Sadly for them, all the dense foliage acted like a sail, so they were the first to go. Just off-frame to the left, there are two others that are down. There goes our privacy hedge.

There’s an old poem from Japanese poet and Samurai, Mizuta Masahide:

Barn’s burnt down —
I can see the moon.

While we lament the passing of these magnificent trees, we’re excited that the loss opens up an opportunity for us to plant new gardens or fruit tree guilds. For those following the story, the image The Vegitect was taken with my back to the shed, near where the grill is standing. And although the annual gardens have been a blast this year, we have plans to pull up the remaining grass and develop a permaculture (polyculture) food forest throughout the backyard in the coming years.

Another thought that struck me during this storm: Although the property is pretty ripped up, I consider this to be what I call “a first-world problem.” There are many people farther north of us who are still coping with record flooding situations, with some towns simply washed away. We’ve got issues down here, but nothing like some of those more northern places. I would hope that everyone who reads this could reach down and donate a bit to the American Red Cross, or other disaster relief organization, in order to help out those in need, particularly since funds at FEMA are about to be heavily politicized (Boooo!) Having been on the receiving end of the equation in the past, I can tell you that nothing is more welcome than seeing good people come to the rescue.

Please help.

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5 responses to “Squash Is Both a Noun and a Verb

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  1. This is Wendy from the American Red Cross. Thank you so much for this post!

  2. It is really amazing how much force nature can bring Rob. Glad you made it out with “first world” problems. I had lunch yesterday with friends who have homes in Vermont. I would say that Vermont, by far, has the most devastation. Who could have predicted that?

  3. I love your photographic and writing skills so much Rob, you really have a special way. Great picture. I am so happy to hear that you guys made it out more or less OK from this. Our hearts and prayers are also with those still struggling.

  4. Oh my heart goes out to you and to all who were affected by “Irene>” We have cousins in Long Island who are still without power and who’s backyard looks very much like yours. The good thing in all of this is that everyone was safe.

  5. Nice Post Rob, even if people cannot donate cash there is always their time, when I went down to help out with Katrina I had no cash to give so I gave my time, was he best experience ever, even though it was a terrible situation, hope all is well down there and cleanup is a breeze, have a nice Holiday weekend!

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