Inside Old Baldy   7 comments

An interior view of Old Baldy, the Bald Head Island lighthouse, oldest standing lighthouse in North Carolina

Inside Old Baldy -- © 2011 Rob Hanson


I might have called this one “Stairway to the Hot Place” and it would have been an apt description.

Bob Lussier and I had traveled by passenger ferry to get to this place, the oldest standing lighthouse in North Carolina, Old Baldy. When we got to the lighthouse, it seemed that we were far less interested in shooting the outside than in finding all the grungy goodness inside. On the bottom floor, we weren’t disappointed at all, for we discovered this ancient wooden staircase alongside crumbling brick.

The textures were alluring, from the stair railing polished by years of people hanging on for dear life, the risers kicked by countless toes, and the brick and stucco that needs constant repair.

It was quite warm in there as we worked several angles just inside the entrance. When we had exhausted our possibilities there, we climbed the narrow stairs, reaching several landings before finally climbing a steep ladder through a narrow passage into the top section. There, at the top, basking in the rays of the sun shining through thick glass, we endured a heat index of about 120 degrees. We didn’t stay up there too long…

Please be sure to visit Bob Lussier’s blog today for his image Baldy Steps, taken at the same spot.

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7 responses to “Inside Old Baldy

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  1. Wow. Great perspective with amazing textures and details Rob.

  2. Wonderful shot. I agree with Len it’s a terrific perspective.

  3. I love to see the same shot from two different photographers, it really shows how much personal vision and style go into our work. Great shot all around Rob!

  4. Sweet shot Rob, nice work, love the colors and the angle, i like it

    a little more than the stair master! No offense to the great one! Well done, me and the Empress spent the day draining memory cards at ESP, talk soon bud, we are back in town Wed.

  5. I love the tighter angle on this as well, so I agree with TheaterWiz. You win!
    It was an epic day. Enjoyed it thoroughly! Can’t wait to do it again!

  6. Hello! I have worked at Old Baldy lighthouse for 4 years now. What a great shot of the stairs! I shared this with our 650 facebook fans.


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