The Boathouse   7 comments

The Boathouse

After photographing ‘Old Baldy’, the oldest standing lighthouse in North Carolina, Bob Lussier and I zipped around the island on a rented golf cart, looking for more subjects. Perhaps we didn’t have enough time, or we weren’t looking in the right places, but there was little to be found. As we were heading back to the ferry, we spotted this old boathouse, sitting abandoned in the marsh. Perfect!

Bob produced a great image of this scene, artfully rendering it in black and white. You can see that image at Bald Head Boat House. Previously, I posted a picture of Bob taking that image at Bob Lussier.

I guess we’ve worked this old structure over pretty good by now, but it seemed such an interesting and unlikely place for an old abandoned house, it seems justified.


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7 responses to “The Boathouse

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  1. Beautiful light, color and composition Rob. Great textures in the wood.

  2. Great scene Rob! Love the details in the wood and peaceful feeling you get from the whole frame itself! Very nice!

  3. Great textures, and I like that building on the other side of the river. I kind of want to jump in and go swimming now!

  4. Very smart framing element, Rob, it adds a great sense of depth, terrific capture and processing.

  5. This has a great relaxing feel to it man! What an awesome capture!

  6. There’s a subtle bit of tension in the comp that I love. The lines in the dock lead you down into the water, but the shack keeps pulling your eyes back up.

  7. Great composition and I love the HDR treatment. So much detail in that wood!

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