Bath Time   12 comments

Bath Time

© 2011 Rob Hanson Photography


We’re back! If you’ve noticed an absence of images lately, it’s because we were on an extended vacation trip to New England. Starting along the coast of Maine, we eventually wound up in New Hampshire, one of my favorite places.

This is a view of a place called Diana’s Baths, near Intervale, NH. It used to be a little known ‘local’ place, which made it a real gem. Now that the the trail to the waterfall has been graded, with a large, pay-to-park lot at the trailhead, Diana’s Baths can get inundated with people. On the positive side, it makes this beautiful area more accessible to more people.

All in all, the weather was pretty wet and crummy during the two weeks we were up there, which is little fun when you’re camping in a tent. Again, though, looking at the plus side of things, rain makes for good waterfall shots.

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12 responses to “Bath Time

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  1. Beautiful waterfall Rob, extra rain does make for some great waterfall shots.

  2. Just stunning Rob.

  3. Stunning photo. You can feel the flow of the rocks as well as the water.

    Maggie Zwilling

  4. Love it Rob. That ethereal feel throughout the image is cool.

  5. Absolutely Beautiful Rob!

  6. So good to see you back again, Rob, you’ve been missed my friend! So, THAT’S what you’ve been up to, eh? Creating top drawer art! Love this shot, my friend!!!

  7. Welcome back Rob, nice image, the water looks great and those fall colors really pop

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  10. Great detail as always

  11. Always love me waterfalls… especially in your HDR.

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