Alien Landing   4 comments

Alien Landing

On a little, one-lane back road in coastal Maine, not far from Eliot Coleman’s Four Season farm, aliens dropped a craft in the woods. In their language, the aliens call it a ‘Yurt.’

The yurt sits on the property called the Good Life Center, a hand-built house, garden and property constructed by Helen and Scott Nearing, well known back-to-landers. Helen and Scott are no longer with us, but volunteers and docents still work and maintain the property, and somehow visitors find their way to the center.

We thought it would be a good place to visit, as the Good Life Center is based on the ideals of self-sufficiency. In addition to a tended garden, the outlying areas have a well established permaculture in place. We stopped in to pick up some tips and ideas, as we’re heading in that direction with our own property now that Hurricane Irene saw fit to alter our landscape here in North Carolina.

We had a nice visit, and even left with a few Maine apples and a batch of heirloom Scarlet Runner beans that were cultivated by Helen Nearing. All in all, not a bad day.

4 responses to “Alien Landing

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  1. Great find Rob.

  2. Dude, this is just awesome! Wowza. Did you get a ride in that thing?

  3. Please tell me you took the saucer for a spin…..or at least went inside?? Best Regards…..all that comes to mind looking at the shape of this is DANGER DANGER Will Robinson!

  4. There is a big part of me that wants to camp out in that alien building. On another note, my wife and I are looking to build a tiny house and simplify out lives, so visiting here maybe a good idea to pick up ideas on how to build a self sufficient life.

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