Okay, Next Time YOU Drive…   4 comments

Okay, Next Time YOU Drive...
While visiting coastal Maine recently, we went for a nice day hike in the Blagden Preserve, a little-known spot on the ‘quiet side’ of Mount Desert Island. The area, now owned by the Nature Conservancy, features a loop hike that leads out to some beautiful water views.

On the return through maritime forest, we were more than a bit surprised to see the remains of an old Dodge sitting just off the trail. With no roads nearby, it was a curiosity. Apparently, there either used to be a road or driveway here, or the old beast had been hauled off into the woods. Either way, it made for an interesting, almost spooky scene.

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4 responses to “Okay, Next Time YOU Drive…

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  1. Was the rest of the car anywhere in sight? Great find and terrific shot.

  2. Nice find man. Almost every place I have ever been that is owned by the Nature Conservancy has been awesome. Great organization also.

  3. @Edith Levy : Nope, we scrubbed around a bit but couldn’t find any other parts. Either this is a trail fashion statement, or the rest of the vehicle melted, I guess.

  4. There’s a much photographed derelict Dodge of the same year and model at the Distillery District in Toronto. http://www.birdwalking.ca/pblog/index.php?showimage=56

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