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The brightest mirror is the one that reflects our own worthiness.  Who among us could keep from looking?

Without question, Scott Johnson (Toad Hollow Photography) is that mirror for many of us in the photo community. Or, rather, he was. As most of you reading this will know, Scott was presented with an opportunity too good to pass up, and he’s putting his photography aspirations on hold so that he can concentrate on his new endeavors. The outpouring of sentiment and affection for Scott after his announcement was both incredible and expected, and while we all understand and will support him in his new venture, we’ll miss him terribly.


No one seems to doubt that Scotty was the most energetic supporter of photographers on the social media sites today. His enthusiasm and energy were the likes of which we might not see again until his return. He collected the best of the web each week for Light Stalking, viewed and commented on countless photos each day, and served as a friend to everyone he met online. As if he had any time left after that, he still managed to put out a daily blog of photos and text highlighting his gorgeous corner of the world.

All that is incredible in its own right, of course, but I think the thing that set Scotty apart from the rest is that he was brilliant in affirming our own efforts in photography.

Face it: Often when we go to publish an image, we’ve been looking at it so long that we don’t know if it’s any good. After posting, sometimes all you hear is crickets. (At least that’s been the case for me.) Without fail, Scott would come along and write – in his unique and enthusiastic way – about the positive aspects of the image. He would then go on to re-Tweet, re-share, and otherwise promote the virtues of whatever you had done.

This is affirmation. It’s validation. It’s an acknowledgement that we’ve been seen. It’s a reflection of our own efforts as seen through the eyes of another. In that, ‘Toad’ provided what we all sometimes need – confirmation that we’re doing the right thing, and that our hard efforts have not been wasted. And nobody did it better than Scotty.  (To see more about why I feel this reflection is important in social media venues, later you could read my older post “Reflections: Narcissus.”)

So, needless to say, we’ll all not only miss Scott’s images and stories, but we’ll miss his very presence. There’s likely not one among us who doesn’t look forward to his return, someday, but in the meantime, we wish him nothing but success and happiness in his adventure.


In recent weeks, Scotty and I had been bandying about the idea of doing a ‘mini-HDR collaboration’ using one of his bracket sets (where one person provides brackets and multiple people process them according to their tastes.) My initial plan was to use Scott’s images for a new video tutorial I’m working on. I had begun to wonder why it took a while for him to get the brackets to me. Now I know… he was busy setting up his new venture.

While I’m still working on the video, I probably won’t be using Scott’s image for two reasons: First, as it turns out, there wasn’t really anything to improve upon in his version! Second, I think I’d prefer to simply post his image here alongside my own version, letting this stand as Toad’s Penultimate Shot, the last before his return to the photo community where he is so beloved. (Okay, so I stretched the meaning of ‘penultimate’ just a bit 🙂 )

If you feel so inclined, please join me in wishing Toad and Mrs. Toad all the success in the world! Feel free to comment below… I’m sure Scott will both read and appreciate it. It’s a great time to reflect back a little of what Toad Hollow Photography has so graciously given us.

Godspeed, Scott. You’re one of a kind.


Scott’s image and processing:

Image by Scott Johnson - Processing by Scott Johnson


And my version:

Image by Scott Johnson - Processing by Rob Hanson


PS: Now that I’ve seen our ‘mini-HDR collaboration’ shots side-by-side in the preview of this post… I like his version much better. It’s more ‘natural.’  Well done, Scotty!

6 responses to “Toad’s Penultimate Shot

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  1. Amazing how much one person can affect an entire community. The Internet is already so quiet with out Toad and his great tweets. Wonderful write up, Rob! Here’s to the Toads!

  2. Really good guy and nice words that reflect that. God Speed indeed!

    Nice shots too. I like both actually. While his does look a bit more natural I like the greens in yours a tad more.

  3. Rob, firstly… wow, my friend, I can’t get over this post you’ve written. Being a guy, sometimes it’s hard to admit, but I will do so here… I find myself overwhelmed a bit in reading your words here, kind sir. You are one of those people that has left a permanent mark on my spirit, both as a master photographer and as a person. You’re a class act.

    I have to also admit that I actually love your rendition better than mine. I LOVE the details and colors you’ve pulled out of the scene snippets we see through the hole and windows in the church. And dude, the way the woodwork in the ceiling comes through so strongly in terms of textures and tones is far better than my version, seriously. I think it’s a great scene and you’ve done a fabulous job of creating a top drawer image here.

    And on that note, I can honestly say I cannot wait to return to the community. I was just talking to Mrs. Toad about this in-depth over lunch today and I think we both feel like we’ve temporarily been sidetracked from our true calling in life. I am actively working as hard and fast as I can on the new project, for once it’s success is cemented, my return to the online community I’ve found here will be the very next step in life.

    Thank you to everyone for all your kind words of support and encouragement through this very, very difficult time. You have no idea how much everyone’s love and support means to us….

  4. well said Rob! Toad is a true gem in our community and will be missed! lovely images from both of you I might add!!

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  6. I have been to this lonely church several times, and I have now started doing the research into the property in preparation for a nighttime visit to the property to see if I can capture any of the alleged spirit activity. This is a fascinating piece of Vancouver island history. Haunted or not Father Rondeault deserves recognition and remembrance, he is connected with all three of the St. Anne’s churches in the area, the first being a wooden church that burned, then the Stone St. Anne’s (the butter church), and finally the Very pretty St. Anne’s church down the hill from the stone church. It should be noted that the good Father is buried under the rear chapel of the new church.

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