Closed for the Season   7 comments

Closed for the Season

There are distinct advantages to traveling off-season: No bugs, cooler weather, fewer crowds, and great foliage, to name a few. On the downside, many facilities are closed, which can sometimes limit recreational opportunities…

Emphasis on the “sometimes.”

After a harrowing, death-defying drive on I-95 through New Haven, Connecticut, we again stopped at Hammonasset Beach State Park, an expansive park on the beaches of Long Island Sound that belies its proximity to major metro areas.

Ignoring the signs, a small group of tourists from Germany braved the chilly air and went for a swim. I couldn’t imagine, but hey, different strokes… The boys looked like they were having a great time.


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7 responses to “Closed for the Season

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  1. Well composed here Rob, I love the soft feel to this. Beautiful work man.

  2. Beautiful composition Rob.

  3. Beautiful comp, colors and textures Rob

  4. Gosh, Rob, your vision and composition are just so perfect my friend!

  5. Absolutely amazing shot, I feel like I’m in the scene it’s so real! Well done 🙂

  6. Great shot!! Its funny you should mention the German tourists and the water. So Germany does not have much coast line compared to the massive size of the country, so an ocean beach can be hard to come by over there. Now I from Denmark, and we have a lot of beaches and coast line, and being a neighbour to Germany we see a lot of tourists in the summer months. And you can almost be sure if the weather is cold or just plain bad, and someone is in the water, its a German…:)

  7. Nice processing, you really brought out some great color and detail

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