Out of Chaos Comes Water   6 comments

Out of Chaos Comes Water

I’m not entirely sure what Nietzsche had in mind with his quote, “Out of chaos comes order”, but I figured I’d adapt the expression a bit for this image.

Taken along the trail to Diana’s Baths in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, this little vignette caught my eye. I was struck by how it looked like a miniature waterfall, and how the leaves in the lower left look so liquid. I guess there’s a benefit to all the rain that we endured while there.


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6 responses to “Out of Chaos Comes Water

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  1. Hard to believe that it won’t be much longer before this is all ice and snow. Beautiful little waterfall 🙂

  2. Love this shot. The colors are amazing.

  3. Wow Rob, this is just amazing. One of the most incredible fall shots I’ve ever seen, this needs to be blown up on a wall! Really outstanding man.

  4. Nice fall shot Rob, you captured the fall colors and mood nicely

  5. Sweet image man. Nice eye.

  6. Good color yes but, for me, just too much goin’ on and a little hot on the left. I don’t know, maybe tone done everything except the specific elements that you were referring to. My $.02 for what it’s worth.

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