From Flare to Eternity   11 comments

From Flare to Eternity


I’ve always wanted to catch some good sun flares, but it’s not always the easiest thing to do. It seemed I never could get it quite right.

Driven by the influence and tutorial of a master of sun flares, Dave DiCello, I took some extra time on a client shoot to catch this morning scene. If it weren’t for Dave’s support, I likely wouldn’t have posted this at all, but there you have it. Thanks, Dave!

HDR from 11 exposures (give or take) at +/-1EV, f/22, 17mm, ISO 100

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11 responses to “From Flare to Eternity

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  1. I love the clarity of this image (and the flare ain’t bad either!). Well done.

  2. This is incredible Rob, really creative capturing the whole sun flare in the reflection and it is so crisp! Awesome how you can see the textures in the pool too, just outstanding.

  3. Really well done Rob! Very creative with the flares on the water as well.

  4. I’m sitting at my desk with a coat on totally wishing I could in this scene right now. Absolutely awesome shot, and thanks for bringing some warmth to my cold world 🙂

  5. Nice one man. 11 exposures huh? Man, that’s allot to work with IMHO. good work!

  6. Dave is the king of flare! nice one Rob, I like the tones in this shot, nice detail as well, bet the client liked it

  7. Nice shot, love the double flair.

    Cary Ulrich Photography
  8. VERY difficult to do well! I think you’ve nailed this one, Rob, seriously! LOVE the reflection in the pool there, and the flare itself really makes us feel all happy, happy! Awesome shot, my friend!

  9. Wow, what a creative shot. Pretty awesome. I like the light streaks angling in over the pool as well.

  10. Beautifully composed. I’ve never seen such a perfect sunburst in a reflection before. Fantastic

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