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A small rock and leaf hold on in the middle of a waterfall, Diana's Baths, NH

Tenacity (© 2011 Rob Hanson Photography)

My apologies for not posting, lately. I try not to pin up a post unless I have a decent image to show (I could hope), or something to say.

Over the years, I’ve talked to photographers who believe that they’re in a slump. We’ve probably all felt that at times. Hoping to encourage, I tell my friends that in the realm of creating art, there are times of great expression, and times where the well seems to have run dry. We can begin to question our motivation, as well as our commitment to doing what we love to do. On the other hand, when creativity starts flowing again, we get invigorated and run out to capture even more, hoping to push the limit on art and communication with others.

Having to ride those waves of ups and downs, I think, is the hallmark of Creativity. If we didn’t know those dry spells, if we didn’t feel like we should just chuck it all, then how could we ever be enthused about great art when we make it?

I always try to convey: Just ride it out a bit. You’ll soon get back to doing what you love, and all will be well.

I’ve been feeling on the lower side of things. Our fall vacation was cut short because of bad weather, an event I drove hours to cover was a bust as far as pictures go, and there’s nothing cool to shoot in the garden… yet. ;^) During the past week I’ve had interesting and sometimes discouraging discussions with friends where we’ve discussed copyright violations (more common than we know!), whether or not to watermark images, registering copyrights, and whether someone can actually make a living doing this the way they want to do it. Are we avid photographers, or do we become ~ Eeeeek! ~ business people? If that weren’t enough, I had to calculate all the taxes – new ones, even! – that one has to pay to run such a business.


Tenacity. “Not easily dispelled or discouraged.”

I was reminded of this when processing today’s image. It’s from Diana’s Baths in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. In a small part of a much, much larger waterfall, I saw this walnut-sized rock in the middle of the torrent along with the red maple leaf pinned to its upper side. Even though it took quite a while to shoot the brackets, the rock and the leaf didn’t move a bit, and they never even seemed close to being swept down the hillside.

Do what you love to do. It sure does beat the alternative.


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13 responses to “Tenacity

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  1. This is a wonderful image and very fitting title. Life ebbs and flows, the key for me is to try and enjoy where the tide is taking me. Sometimes it is easier than others but ultimately it is what we make it. You art is amazing and always a joy to view. Have a wonderful day my friend!

  2. Thanks so much, Mark!

  3. That’s a really cool image man. Nice eye.

  4. Cool shot, all the buzz had me rethinking watermarks and such, even bought the book you mentioned from Pete. After finding someone selling my dear Empress, I am gonna leave the mark for now, even though it is small and easy to get rid of. Everyone gets in a funk, just gotta ride it out. Cheers!

  5. Wonderful image Rob. Do I like what I do…hmmmm…some days. I wish I could spend more time on my photography but I guess that’s where the balancing game comes in.

  6. The image is certainly befitting of the words. Super image. As I scrolled the image Rob it seemed to get more powerful with the top cut off. ( just below the crease ) my eye stayed riveted on the rock after following the diagonal flow to it. Just another opinion. Still love it the way it is.

    “Do what you love to do. It sure does beat the alternative.”
    I’m gonna give you my 66 year old conservative viewpoint. I’m all for this but ya gotta put food on the table. Photography is a grind. Lots of competition out there. My last thought…don’t let the business of photography be detrimental to your passionate love of photography.
    “Life is Good.”

  7. You are one of a kind, Rob. Great, great picture here today, but also.. your words of inspiration and encouragement are truly meaningful and so well written my friend. You are much more than just a master photographer, you are a gifted writer, too.

  8. Fantastic Shot Rob!

  9. Great image for this wonderful and thought provoking post. I’m with you, we have to ride things out when those bumps in the rode come up, and invariably, they will. Nice one, Rob!

  10. A very effective image for such a thought provoking piece of writing. Clinging by its fingertips to the slide! I can empathise entirely with what you write. Photography can often be a lonely, solitary pursuit – it doesn’t fit in well with ‘days out’ with one’s family. I’ve only been blogging for about the last six-seven weeks but I’ve found the experience of writing around my images and the sharing with others is an inspiring and rewarding journey. I get a free new virtual gallery almost daily.

  11. Love it, simple and beautiful

    Cary Ulrich Photography
  12. A fine message here Rob and an awesome shot to go with it. I definitely hear what you are saying, especially about becoming business men (and women)! Working in the corporate grind and being a financial analyst, that’s all I do all say is numbers, numbers and more numbers. The photography balances out the monotony of my day job well, but I’ve still fell in the rut from time to time. Love this post for sure man.

  13. Wonderful image Rob! Not at all similar, except for the “feel”, it made me think of one of mine called “the Struggle”. If you care to see it, it’s in the Black and White set on Fickr.

    BTW, I’ve definitely been in a slump lately.

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