Storm at the Stage   14 comments

Storm at the Stage, a view of the White Mountains, New Hampshire, in autumn foliage

Storm at the Stage – @ Rob Hanson Photography


One of our favorite places to spend our vacation time is in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We drop our tent in a campground located a bit to the right of this frame, and spend as much time as possible hiking the hills.

The weather doesn’t always cooperate.

I know that there’s merit in climbing a mountain in almost any weather, but as the years go by I see less and less sense in spending the day going up, only to not see a thing. I’ll leave that for the younger ones…

When the weather turns foul – as it frequently does in the mountains in autumn – we retreat to a certain spot along the road, where we can sit in the warm truck, watching the clouds rolling over the peaks, while plotting the next day’s adventures… weather permitting.

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Initially, I wasn’t sure what to do with this image as there was no distinct subject in the full frame that came out of the camera. I found that cropping it as a 2:1 panoramic did the trick. HDR from seven exposures +/-1EV, HDR Express, 32 Float, and Photomatix for the base, Nik and OnOne for the embellishments in Photoshop.

14 responses to “Storm at the Stage

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  1. Now this is one helluva shot Rob, I mean wow. The depth is stunning, the clouds are so dramatic, and the fall colors contrast perfectly with the gray sky. I love the clouds on top of the mountains as well. This is incredible man.

  2. Hello. Very Very nice shot. and great post processing

    Maurice W. Sanders
  3. Fantastic scene here Rob! Wonderfully framed and processed! Good stuff!

  4. You and me sound like we’re on the same wavelength in the mountains. No view, no point getting exhausted. But on a clearing day the clouds can add so much – as they do in this shot. Great colours in the forest too.

  5. Wonderful autumn scene, with contrast between colourful forest and grey sky.

  6. A beautiful and dramatic image Rob. Really well done!

  7. Amazing man. Some things just leave me in awe.

  8. Fantastic shot Rob. I love the contrast between the sky/clouds and the the foreground.

  9. Wonderfully composed and captured Rob. Was just there about 4 weeks ago and wish I had taken something this good.

  10. The tonal contrast in the clouds is off the charts Rob. This image has excellent intial impact which is what I always look for. I’m om my laptop right now. Can’t wait ‘Til I get home and view it on my desktop.

  11. Powerful image. Wish we had that kind of color here in the west.

    Cary Ulrich Photography
  12. Great shot Rob. Love the dark foreboding clouds against the vibrant foreground

  13. Sweet scene Rob, lovin those clouds

  14. Fantastic work, as is most often the case with you, Rob!

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