Happens All The Time ‘Round Here   9 comments

Happens All The Time 'Round Here

Happens All The Time 'Round Here


A column of Confederate soldiers marches toward a memorial service, Clarkton, N.C.

We had driven almost three hours to get to a reenactment that we had been invited to shoot, only to find that all the ‘Yankees’ had gone home for the weekend. No Yankees = No Action. Instead, there was a memorial service being conducted down the street, and the remaining reenactors began their march from the grounds to the service.

I was struck by the juxtaposition of the soldiers against the decidedly more modern backdrop.

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How it was done: When life hands you lemons… The original image (viewable on Flickr – click the image above) was not really viable because of the shadows across the scene, particularly on the faces and uniforms of the soldiers. I found that there was just enough detail in the profile to allow us to discern the nature of the scene, so I decided to go with full silhouette. Toning and edging is courtesy of OnOne Perfect Suite.

9 responses to “Happens All The Time ‘Round Here

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  1. Wow Rob, I don’t even know what to say here. The silhouettes of the people marching by really produces a striking and profound piece here, my friend.

  2. Holy crap! This is off the charts. Definitely a Getty image. Sell it.

  3. An outstanding image my friend. This one strikes so many different chords I feel like I am listening to jazz concert. Well done.

  4. Tremendous shot. It’s not often you can get 4 out of 4 good silhouettes, and all in step too! Fantastic. Yes, the background is great too and the red container is absolutely the right colour for the image to end on. Well done

  5. Very nicely composed Rob. I think the silhouette adds a great mood to the image.

  6. Rob, that rocks!!!!

  7. Wow man, that is so freakin’ cool. What a shot!

  8. Wow, what a powerful shot! That silhouette adds real drama to the scene. Nice!

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