I Know, It’s Only Rock and Rail   12 comments

I Know, It's Only Rock and Rail

There’s a nice little walk to be had at the Ship Harbor Nature Trail on Mt. Desert Island, Maine. At the end of the trail, there’s an extensive area of jumbled rock and tidal pools where you can pull up a seat and watch…. things.

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12 responses to “I Know, It’s Only Rock and Rail

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  1. A beautiful image Rob! I love the way you captured the textures of the rocks so perfectly. Well done my friend!

  2. Wow. The detail in the rock is spot on dude.

  3. Beauty scene – looks like a good place to watch…things. 🙂

  4. nice lines, leads you into the shot. Good colors. 🙂

  5. …but I like it!! LOL 😀 The title of this great shot reminded me right away of the Rolling Stones version of “It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll”! Awesome image, Rob, a true delight.

  6. Damn! By the time I got to this cool spot I’d have a broken ankle. LOL

  7. I’m with Bob, this looks like it would be hard on the feet, and legs, nice details Rob!

  8. A tranquil spot and a vista that makes me think. What was this wooden structure part of – a slipway? Does it belong or has it been imported from somewhere else. A real talking point. Nice to have a picture that poses questions, but no answers.

  9. Lol, love that title dude. Awesome low POV and details, excellent work.

  10. Outstanding image, Rob. The POV, colors and overall sharpness are fantastic. Really like those rocks. 🙂

  11. Great image, excellent textures and composition

  12. Wow!!! Wonderful picture!

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