The Good Life   9 comments

The Good Life


This past autumn while in Maine, we had a nice visit at Eliot Coleman’s Four Season farm (lettuce in Maine, in January!) One of the assistants there suggested that for a nice lunch, we should drive just down the road to Orr Cove. Best tip we had on the entire trip!

We pulled off to the side of the one-lane road, making sandwiches and firing off some sun flare brackets, after which, we drove about 50′ to The Good Life Center, the place where we found the Alien Landing.


This image was particularly tough to process, which is why I didn’t offer it up for the recent HDR Collaboration, choosing Inland Sailor instead. The sun flare caused a great deal of spotting and CA, and the dust on the sensor didn’t help much, either. Eleven exposures, f/22, 17mm.

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9 responses to “The Good Life

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  1. Wow dude, what a picturesque scene here, this is a thing of beauty! Love the flare (of course) and those clouds in the back rock!

  2. Great scene with wonderful leading line Rob

  3. wow, look at those clouds. Nice shot man.

  4. Maine really is one place I need to visit, I’m a Big Stephen King fan but your images add to my attraction of the place.

  5. Hey this looks familiar, nice image Rob, very scenic, I am with Dave I like the clouds

  6. A wonderful image Rob! I agree with all on the clouds! i really feel like I am standing there. Superb work!

  7. Nice shot. I could follow the stream all the way down to the beach. Nice leading line.

    Cary Ulrich Photography
  8. Rob, super shot and scene!!

  9. Great shot!!! I love the look of the sun and the stream leading you to the water!

    Great Job!

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