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Thurston's Wharf


In the recent HDR Collaboration project, Inland Sailor, I mentioned that prior to snapping those brackets we had indulged in a great lobster dinner. This scene is from Thurston’s Lobster Pound in Bernard, Maine, where lobster boats unload their daily catch to be enjoyed at the waterfront restaurant. It’s a great place to kick back and enjoy the scenery while waiting for your crustaceans to steam.

To be honest, I’ve become a bit bored with standard processing techniques, even though there is always room for improvement (perhaps particularly so in my case.) I’m sure it’s just a temporary condition. However, in order to fully break away from my typical stuff, I decided to give the image more of a nostalgic, postcard feel using a few techniques that I don’t usually approach. Given that the composition of the original shot was cluttered and had a chaos of different colors, I like the way that this treatment works with the scene, and hope you like it, too.

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Starting with an tonemapped image from 7 exposures (+/-1EV, f/14, 75mm, ISO200), I applied a Shadowmap derived from Nik’s Silver Efex Pro, adjusted for some imperfections, then turned around in SEP to apply both aged toning and light vignette effects. Seeing that it was a bit too monochromatic, I allowed just a hint of color to sneak through in places. Various other more subtle plug-ins were used, including Topaz DeNoise and Nik’s Color Efex Pro 4 for final dressing.

10 responses to “At the End of Day

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  1. Excellent image Rob. I really like the processing. Leaving just a hint of color really draws the eye to a splendid scene. Well done!

  2. I absolutely love this Rob. The way you’ve processed it is outstanding.

  3. Great processing on this Rob. I was just there and you’ve captured it wonderfully

  4. Man, this processing is great. It has a real gritty feel. The viewer is totally focused on the scene.
    That shadow mapping that you taught me in your tutorial is golden.

  5. This is a tremendous piece of processing – almost illustrative line drawing style. I love it and it suits the subject really well.

  6. Love the processing on this one Rob, it always looks like a painting. Well done man.

  7. Very cool Rob, a nice twist on the processing. There is allot going on in this scene. I am with ya, been out of the mood lately, cannot get with it, of course its been a rainy gloomy week, that might be a big part of it

  8. Great job Rob. It seems that more and more of my images are ending up B&W or left with just a very subtle amount of color.

  9. very interesting shot. Like the vintage processing.

  10. Rob, that is cool!!!!!!!!

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