A House Underwater   7 comments

A House Underwater

In northern Maine, far beyond the tourist-laden coast and southern cities, is a place called Grand Lake Stream, renowned for its trout fishing. While it’s fairly remote and not at all built up, people come from all around the world to fish here.

Too bad we don’t fish.

But, we did have a couple of great nights at a local ‘camp’, staying in a waterside cottage. We spent the days wandering around, taking in the local sights. I’ve always loved the concept of boathouses, especially older ones such as these, and they take me back to some of my earliest memories of New England.


7 responses to “A House Underwater

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  1. Nice details and textures in this one Rob, nice work

  2. Love these gritty old places. Great find. The dappled light is very cool.

  3. Beautiful light, super rich details; great stuff!

  4. The dappled light is very attractive on the Lt boathouse. Nice textures too.

  5. Wow, Rob, I love these sorts of subjects, my friend. You’ve really done a smashing job with this one! Love all the details and weathering that you’ve brought out with your capture and processing here.

  6. that is a real beauty Rob!

  7. Really nice shot Rob!

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