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The Visitor

Happy belated New Year!

I’m surprised. I haven’t posted anything since December 20th, 2011. It feels good to be pinning one up again.

Part of the reason for my absence from Online World is that in late December we started a decorative painting (faux painting) contract at a house across the river. The client had stringent deadlines that caused us to work pretty much constantly through the holidays. We had only enough spare time to do the Christmas and New Year stuff.

We’ll try not to do that again…

One afternoon while at the client’s house, there were epic cloud formations masking the setting sun. Good thing I had my shooter with me. The scene was made even better when a large pod of dolphins swam right by the house.

That might not be considered unusual, except that this is the Neuse River, which, though technically freshwater in New Bern, is more brackish. (I haven’t personally checked the taste, as the Neuse made the list of top-10 endangered rivers for several years in a row.) On a few occasions you can find dolphins swimming this far upriver, even though the closest access to ocean water is at least 40 miles away.

I take the dolphin as a good sign that the health of the river is improving.

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16 responses to “The Visitor

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  1. Rob, this is just AWESOME! What a catch man, it would have been great without the dolphin too, but he (or she) just adds to it! Great work man and Happy New Year!

  2. You know, I like the comp and framing but the rays of light peaking through the clouds add an epic feel to this shot. Cool capture my friend!

  3. Great rays Rob, how cool to catch the dolphin as well

  4. Hey Rob, what a beautiful image. I’m also amazed that you get dolphins so far upriver. Fantastic.

  5. Great catch!!! Love dolphin shots, and you caught a fantastic sunset in the frame as well. Nice work Rob!

  6. Gorgeous shot Rob! Very cool capture.

  7. Wonderful catch Rob, looks great and yep funny that we both posted dolphins today! Happy New Year my friend!

  8. Great clouds Rob and the dolphin………the crowning touch.

  9. Love those clouds with the rays of the sun trying to peek through. The dolphin is a bonus. Great job Rob

  10. Great to see a new post from you. A wonderful capture as always. The rays are fantastic and the Dolphins are always good luck!

  11. Love those sunbeams streaming down from the clouds here, Rob! Great shot, my friend!

  12. Fantastic capture Rob. Happy new year.

  13. Amazing capture of the Sky Rob, and the dolphin has to be a good sign

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  16. Awesome capture! Those rays are amazing!

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