Too Loaded to Fly   10 comments

Too Loaded to Fly


On another nice, spring day (not like we’ve had winter here), I found the local bees working on our new lemon tree. This little guy was so loaded down with pollen that he could barely lift off. He’d fly up, lumber around seemingly in slow motion, and then set back down on the flower.

What to do if your flight is delayed? Go back and get more, of course.

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10 responses to “Too Loaded to Fly

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  1. Great macro shot Rob. Well done.

  2. Great shot Rob.

  3. Wonderful capture Rob and terrific macro. I just picked up a macro lens in New York this past weekend and looking forward to putting it to the test.

  4. lol, I’ve felt like that at times.

  5. Excellent shot on the diagonal. And pin sharp.

  6. Fantastic image! Looks 3D on my IPad!

  7. Man, what a great macro shot. Beautiful work, Rob. This bad bot is jumping off the screen. 😉

  8. Man, that is death with wings. Love the shot and all the pollen on that little guy.

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  10. Great image Rob, a little too early for macro here, you guys are lucky down there!

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